Properties are appraised as of January 1 of each year and the DeWitt County Appraisal District is aware that property owners may have lost a structure or still have damage from Hurricane Harvey that has not been repaired and this may affect your appraised value for 2018.

These property owners should go to the DeWitt County Appraisal District web site at www.dewittcad.org or contact the appraisal district at 361-275-5753 and request a “General Real Property Rendition” for 2018.    Property owners should also provide “Date Stamped Photos” taken showing damage still remaining between December 15, 2017 and February 1, 2018.  The district is requesting a street view picture of the property along with photos of all remaining damage and copies of any estimates for repairs not completed at this time if estimates have been obtained.  The property owners Name and phone number along with the location address of the property are required for appraisers to consider damage adjustments for 2018 and renditions must be submitted to the appraisal district office by April 15th. These properties will be reviewed again the following year.


The DeWitt County Appraisal District appraises property for ad valorem taxation of these taxing authorities.

  • DeWitt County
  • City of Cuero
  • City of Yoakum
  • City of Yorktown
  • City of Nordheim
  • Cuero ISD
  • Yoakum ISD
  • Yorktown ISD
  • Meyersville ISD
  • Nordheim ISD
  • Westhoff ISD
  • DeWitt Medical District
  • Yoakum Hospital District
  • Pecan Valley Water District
  • Ecleto Water District
  • DeWitt Drainage District

Tax Rate Information

The duties of the appraisal district include:

Tax rates and ultimately the amount of taxes levied on property are determined by governing bodies of each of the taxing authorities.
Mineral, utility and industrial accounts are appraised for the district by Pritchard & Abbott, Inc. in Fort Worth, Texas.
Real estate and personal property accounts are appraised locally by the district.

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